Imagine the elegant, young and wonderful body you have always dreamed of….

Let's get as close as possible to that.

I came here to present to you the 6 surgeries that I perform the most.

Our most popular procedures:

Mommy Makeover


Ultrasonic Lipo with Argoplasma

Mastopexy with reduced scar

MILA Abdominoplasty

Breast prosthesis

Outros procedimentos que realizamos na Clínica Alexandre Charão:

Our dream is to make yours come true.

Count on a cutting-edge team to carry out your surgical procedure with the most modern technology currently available.

As an exclusive clinic, we were created to take care of you individually, with surgical treatments specific to your case. After all, your beauty is unique.

Through work with attention to the smallest details, we will help you achieve the body you deserve, and provoke even more admiration in those you love most.

Ultramodern equipment +

Contemporary and sustainable architecture +

Amazing service +

Top quality materials +

5 star team +

Cozy and easily accessible environment


First-class experience,
the way you deserve

See what our patients have to say below:

Testimonials taken from Google

Each of these people has had the experience of having plastic surgery with us and has a lot to tell about this moment.

“I received an arm lift procedure with a gluteal graft and liposuction in one week. The operation went smoothly…. Dr. Alexandre was always there to help. I strongly recommend such an excellent, caring, and professional surgeon.”

– E. Martins


There are more than 140 reviews on Google from 100% satisfied patients who rated their experience 5 stars.

The next could be you.

See some “before and after” images of our patients:

Elegance is in every detail.

There are several reasons why more than 5,000 people chose Dr. Alexandre Charão and his team to perform their surgical procedures…

Some of these reasons are:

The level of attention, care and monitoring is as differentiated as possible. We prioritize artisanal service with quality over quantity.

We have an excellent support team of psychologists, physiotherapists, nutritionists and nurses, who help patients pre- and post-operatively.

We invest heavily in courses, training and equipment for all members of our team. You will have access to the most modern technologies and the most advanced techniques to improve results and shorten the postoperative period.

We are one of the few plastic surgery clinics in Rio de Janeiro that is not just concerned with quantity.

We know that you are a person with good taste, that you have probably performed other surgical procedures before and that you are looking for something that will help you solve your challenges at once.

Therefore, we are not a generalist clinic, which aims at mass, sales and numbers, wholesale style.

Our focus is to help you achieve the most beautiful, elegant and attractive version of your body, with individuality.

Don’t you live in Rio de Janeiro?

Don’t you live in Rio de Janeiro?

No problem! Our team is ready to organize for you.

You have the option of having your first consultation via tele guidance.

In this service you will receive guidance on the procedure, my schedule and also your budget.

The second consultation must be in person, but can be done at the same time as the surgery.

I advise that the patient provides at least 10 days to stay in Rio de Janeiro, including consultation, surgery, until the surgical glue is removed.

If you arrive on Friday, for example, you can rest on Saturday and Sunday, make an appointment on Monday and operate on Tuesday.

Next Tuesday (one week later) you will be free to travel.

After this period, the patient will be monitored through video consultations and remote care, knowing that I can request a return visit in person, if I deem it necessary.

P.S: If you don’t have time to recover in Rio de Janeiro, this is not the time to have plastic surgery.

As much as you want, it’s better to remedy this dream than to take quick trips that could compromise your recovery.

P.S: If you are a public person and Want a discreet service…

Inform our team and we will organize your service with complete discretion and privacy.

Get to know our infrastructure and our team:

Find out more about
Dr. Alexandre Charão:

CRM-RJ: 52.65490-6
RQE-RJ: 25817

I am a plastic surgeon with extensive experience, providing services since 2003, the year of my training. I serve in Rio de Janeiro (capital).

I have the title of specialist in Plastic Surgery, which I obtained from the Brazilian Society of Plastic Surgery after 11 years of studies and improvement.

I am also a member of the Brazilian Association of Plastic Surgeons and actively participate in national and international congresses.

During my career, I received the O Globo award for participating in Doctors Without Borders, carrying out humanitarian missions in several countries, such as Africa, Indonesia, Iraq, Jordan, Congo, Liberia and several others.

I currently have the privilege of receiving patients from all over the world, and serving them successfully, always with a smile on my face.

CRM-RJ: 52.65490-6
RQE-RJ: 25817


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