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Rio de Janeiro – Brazil

Dr. Alexandre’s Favorite Restaurants in Rio de Janeiro

If you are planning on visiting Rio de Janeiro anytime soon, here is a list of Dr. Alexandre Charão’s favorite restaurants. His top five include Spanish tapas, an oyster bar, pizza, and Arabian, which shows some of the many diverse options offered in Rio. One even made it on Eater’s “11 Hottest New Restaurants in […]

Number of Men Seeking Plastic Surgery Continues to Rise

The American Society of Plastic Surgery reports that the number of cosmetic procedures sought by men has risen by 325% since 1997 (Fox News). In a recent survey conducted by the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, “44 percent of the men said they would have a treatment done to feel better about […]

More than $16 Billion Spent on Plastic Surgery in the US

According to the United States’ authority of plastic surgery, the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, Americans spent more than $16 Billion on plastic surgery procedures in 2016. This includes both cosmetic and minimally invasive procedures. The Business Insider cites that, of this amount, $8 Billion (50%) was spent on invasive operations. Not including hospital and staff […]

MOTIVA Silicone Implants with Microchip Technology

NOW IN BRAZIL: IMPLANTS WITH ENHANCED SAFETY AND PRECISION Advancements in silicone implant technology have increased patient safety. Microchips can store information like brand, size, serial number, format, volume, data, manufacturing date, and silicone levels/quality for the lifetime of the silicone implant. The microchip silicone implant, manufactured by Motiva, was introduced to Dr. Alexandre Charão […]