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Recently the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery published a study which says that taking selfies during the postoperative recovery process can help surgeons detect early complications. This allows for better monitoring and results. “…researchers found that 96.2 percent of patients who sent in selfies of themselves to their surgeons during the first few days following their procedures reported a higher quality post-op experience (Allure).”

James E. Zins, one of the study’s authors, says the research came from working with patients who regularly show him their progress with selfies. “I was already contacting my cosmetic surgery patients several days postoperatively by telephone to assure their post-operative course was going as planned, and on occasion, a patient would send me a photograph to detail a postoperative issue,” he says. “It then became clear to me that a protocol was in order.”

This study also comes at a time when selfies are driving plastic surgery. Dr. Julian Da Silva, a London-based surgeon weighs in. “…the Instagram culture of filtered selfies was partly responsible for the rise in people choosing to undergo surgery, but he insisted that many young people do thoughtfully consider it before taking the plunge.” “They have done their research and have made a positive decision to improve their appearance. They may see their large nose, baggy eyelids, thin lips or weak chin as a barrier to acceptance and want to make a positive life change (Independent)”

Dr. Alexandre Charão encourages such practices as sending selfies during the recovery period and wants his patients to feel inspired to take more after they’ve fully healed. To allow for easy communication, he uses WhatsApp with both potential and current patients. Dr. Alexandre Charão makes himself available nearly 24/7 to serve his patient’s needs. While recovering in Rio de Janeiro, patients are encouraged to schedule as many postoperative appointments as needed. He is committed to delivering high-quality, long-lasting results. If you are ready to change your life, schedule your initial consultation today!