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Muscular augmentation (hypertrophy) with a fat graft (aka fat transfer)

Little by little, plastic surgeons gradually noticed that the fat could be used on other muscle groups. We start by injecting the fat on the abdominal rectus muscle and the oblique muscle, to increase muscle tone, reinforce the abdominal wall and grant a better-defined, more athletic appearance.

But how did this start being used?

Learning with the masters

In 1983, Dr. Luis Toledo described using aspirated fat to augment a part of one’s body. The procedure quickly became known as the Brazilian Butt Lift, since it was described by a Brazilian physician who became so famous that he moved to Dubai.

I had the honor of learning directly with him and am thankful for all the teachings in BBL.

Why can the use of fat grafts improve my body’s appearance?

Let’s say you want to undergo an abdominoplasty or liposuction. For years, we were only capable of removing the fat per se. In other words, there are three compartments or layers in our body and we were only capable of improving one of them.

When the collagen and skin-retraction-stimulus equipment came around, we also started treating skin flaccidity, using the Plasma Blast (Argoplasma).

But there was still a layer that remained untreated: the muscular layer.

With these very recent advances of the U-GRAFT (US-guided graft), it also became a tool to enhance our patients’ musculature.

The improvement happens in two ways: muscular hypertrophy and increasing the muscle tone. That is, if you have any muscle flaccidity, either because of a pregnancy, weight gain or for having lot of visceral fat, today, it’s possible to treat this muscle weakness.

In some cases, we are no longer suggesting Abdominoplasty and are solving the problem using Argoplasma lipo and fat grafting, so, with no cut or scar at all.

Benefits of using the fat

Several recent articles have described that the fat contains cellular-growth factors, and can help in the recovery of the tissue on which it was placed.

Shall we see what benefits this can bring?

  1. It’s part of the patient’s own body, without the risk of rejection
  2. It doesn’t have to be changed, as opposed to the implants
  3. It can be shaped to a certain part of the body
  4. It contains cellular-growth factors that lead to an improvement of the surrounding tissue

An example, i always mention at your appointment is of burned patients or those with face aging: we can use the fat treated in a very specific way, called Microfat or Nanofat, to apply on the burns or on the face.

The result will be a better and faster skin-healing process, since the fat contains these cellular-growth factors. The same happens when we use it on the face.

How do we aspirat the fat?

Dr. Alexandre has followed all the liposuction-device launches and improvements. This development of the devices always brings the following objectives:

  1. Increase the volume of fat aspirated
  2. Reduce the injuries caused on the adjacent tissues
  3. Retracts the skin more
  4. Reduce the surgical time (so the patient is anesthetized for less time)
  5. Reduce the amount of blood that comes together with the fat (to speed up the patient’s recovery)

At our clinic, we no longer use the old, traditional Liposuction anymore. We changed to Lipo Laser in 2010; we also use the Vibro Lipo (Power Assisted Liposuction) and more recently we have been using:

  1. VASER or SAFER-style Ultrasonic Lipo
  2. Argoplasma, which is a plasma blast that retracts the skin a lot. In our opinion, the Argon Plasma retracts more than the Helium plasma (RENUVION)

With Ultrasonic Liposuction, we are able to achieve the selective destruction only of the fat and not of the neighboring tissues, and with that we increased our patients’  recovery speed.

Argoplasma technology, for instance, come in to greatly shorten the cutaneous septa, making the skin occupy the space that once was occupied by the fat, thus creating a much more harmonious body contour.

What type of fat is used?

There are areas in the body that supply better-quality adipocytes (fat cells), we make a point of beginning our liposuction in these areas. Additionally, it is essential to prepare this fat to increase the graft survival rate.

We use a modern decantation system, without contact of the fat with the external plane (no touch) and we may use antibiotics and insuline in this prepared fat so it survives and produces less complications.

Will i feel pain?

No. We have highly-advanced protocols before and after the surgery só our patients don’t feel pain after the Liposuction, nor after injecting fat inside the muscles.

Our patients receive a perscription for an antiinflammatory medication and smooth pain killers to be used for just 4 days, and many patients stop taking them before the 4 days, proving that there is no pain.

Which muscles can be augmented?

All the more superficial muscles of the body, those that show more and have a greater impact in body aesthetics may be augmented using fat.3916 4258n

We may opt for a balance between the contour and muscular hypotrophy, according to our patients’ objectives. For example, in men that work out a lot, we can make the abdominal muscles stand out more. In women, we can slightly enhancethe rectus-abdominal muscle for the patient to feel slimmer and taller.

Below is a short list still in the making of everything we can improve injecting adipocites inside the muscles:


  1. Abdominal rectus muscle
  2. External oblique muscle
  3. Serratus muscle


  1. Grater pectorial muscle
  2. Serratus muscle


  1. Trapezius muscle
  2. Para-vertebral muscle (spine erector)
  3. Gynecoid fossas
  4. Upper medium glutius muscle


  1. Deltoide muscle
  2. Biceps muscle
  3. Triceps muscle
  4. Vastus lateralis muscle
  5. Gastrocnemius muscle

How o you position the fat in the right place?

It’s important to explain that we use an ultrasound device during the surgery plastic to precisely guide the placement and correct amount. For example: when we draw the the abdominal muscles in a man só they stand out, we can use 80+60+60 ml of fat as we go down.

In women, on the other hand, we can use 60+40+30 ml of fat.

Who allows this precise controlof the position of the fat? The ultrasound device we use (not to be confused with Ultrasonic Lipo). The name of this entire procedure is HD Lipo with a U-Graft, which is a high-definition lipo with ultrasound-guided grafts.

How does this affect the body contour?

It’s a 3-in-1 plastic surgery, where we can correct and improve three problems on the same day: skin flaccidity, excess fat and weak or little-defined musculature. All this without cutting and no scar.

More severe abdominal flaccidity cases may also need an Abdominoplasty, others can be converted into a Plasma Blast Lipo and Fat grafting with no scar.

How to have argoPlasma plastic surgery done In brazil?

Brazilian Plastic Surgery is very well-known around the globe. This started to happen with Dr. Ivo Pitanguy’s work, which raised the bar for modern plastic surgery worldwide.

At Dr. Alexandre Charão’s clinic, we have developed several protocols to improve our post-op outcomes and comfort. We were able to summarize years of experience in this site text.

Our patients come from many different countries around the world and all of them have reported the following advantages of undergoing the procedure in Brazil:

  1. high technical capacity
  2. lower cost
  3. friendlier experience in comparison to other countries
  4. complete team to facilitate a quick recovery
  5. safety in all steps

The next step for you to eliminate whatever is bothering you is to schedule an appointment with Dr. Alexandre Charão.

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