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ArgoPlasma Plastic Surgery in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Dr. Alexandre Charão brought yet another novelty to Rio de Janeiro: the ArgoPlasma.

argoplasma in rio de janeiro, brazil

 Thi is an innovating piece of equipment that promotes an immediate and intense retraction of the skin, plus a long-term (months) stimulus to the production of collagen.

The argon-cooled plasma blast brings an enormous, revolutionary differential to liposuction surgeries, being highly indicated for patients with excess skin.

Today, we will talk about the equipment a little further.

Argonium, as a noble, biologically inert gas, is safe for the human body and has properties that allow it to maintain temperature stability. The Argoplasma is applied following the Liposuction (high definition or not). It promotes two types of skin retraction: one immediate, and the other along the following months.

The ArgoPlasma promotes:

  • shrinkage of old collagen fibers that are excessively stretched due to other factors (pregnancy, repeated weight reduction/increase, genetics, age, sun damages)
  • stimulus to the production of new collagen
  • increased skin-tension effect, improving it’s firmness.

This is the first electrosurgical system created for plastic surgery based on argon plasma blasts. For years, our patients counted on the excellent outcomes achieved using Laser Lipo or the Renuvion (which is also a plasma blast, but cooled with Helium).

The difference is that the Argoplasma has just arrived in Brazil and has shown results superior to those of the Renuvion.

How does ArgoPlasma technology work?

Plasma Coagulation is a very advanced and intense type of radiofrequency used under the skin and is emitted through ionized Argon plasma. The energy flows from the electrosurgical device to the tip and is distributed right below the skin. The tip of the Argoplasma will use the liposuction tunnels, that’s why it’s mandatory.

In thin patients that have no fat, only flaccidity, we perform a very discrete lipo that helps with the definition. In patients with more fat, we can remove large amounts (up to 5 or 6 liters, depending on the patient’s weight) and then (in the same surgery) use the Argoplasma.

The Renuvion uses a similar and highly-efficient technology that has been proving its benefits ever since it arrived in Brazil, some 5 years ago. The Argoplasma arrives improved, more modern, more powerful and with greater power of retraction.

Plastic Surgery Procedures:

Argoplasma is indicated together with Liposuction (either high definition or not) in several situations, such as:

  1. Skin flaccidity with fat build-up
  2. Excess skin after bariatric surgery
  3. Repeated weight reduction/increase
  4. Intense weight loss
  5. Excess skin after pregnancy
  6. Flaccidity in the arms, internal thighs and double chin
  7. Excess skin and fat in the saddlebags
  8. Gluteus skin flaccidity (and may improve cellulitis)

It’ always possible to use the Argoplasma in the glutei, retracting the skin, improving cellulitis and fighting the flaccidity in this region. The Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) is optional and can be performed together with the Argoplasma.

As to the Liposuction that will be done concurrently, we can use low, average, or high definition (HD) Lipo.

We may also use Lipo with Argoplasma associated with a fat injection (grafting) in the glutei, deltoids, biceps, vastus lateralis, abdominal rectus muscle, oblique external muscle and other components to achieve greater definition. If you want more information on High-Definition Liposuction 

Argoplasma Advantages

  1. Selective shrinkage of the fibers that grant firmness to the skin by retracting them so they model the body better
  2. Intense-treatment effect, thus quickly visible and long lasting
  3. High thermal-effect precision and control level
  4. Efficient cooling of the treated area thanks to the Argon properties
  5. Accelerated tissue regeneration and reduced post-op recovery period
  6. Stimulates the creation of new collagen fibers

Benefits of using ArgoPlasma technology

The use of the Argon Plasma Coagulation technique in surgical procedures brings scientifically-proven clinical benefits, which include, among others:

  1. Immediate skin retraction, already visible at the end of the surgery
  2. Long-lasting collagen stimulus (a few months)
  3. More efficient tip cooling
  4. Greater safety of the neighboring tissues

This retraction brings better aesthetic results in Liposuction, since the skin will adapt to the new shape of the body more efficiently. We have noticed this improvement in all areas where Liposuction was used. In regions with fat grafting (BBL or other areas), the graft will be more visible because the skin will be firmer.

Our Patients

We receive patients from the USA, Europe, Australia and Brazil. The entire pre-op process can be done online and is very easy. Everything starts with a first-time appointment that can be face to face or online. Then, pre-op exams will be requested and the procedure will be scheduled. Patients out of Rio de Janeiro must go by the doctor’s office as soon as they arrive in the city.

Many of our patients take advantage of the fact that they are undergoing Liposuction and ask for fat grafting in other areas, either to obtain more volume or greater definition.

We use a large, modern, safe hospital that offers humanized services. Our team is also trained to offer the best experience possible. On the day of the procedure, the patient is given a pill to fall sleep still in the room.

It is not mandatory to use general anesthesia, which will be discussed in greater detail during your appointment. We have a specific and integrated protocol for all our patients. Thus it’s important to do Physiotherapy and Lymphatic Drainage and follow our fast-track-to-recovery protocols.

If you would like to schedule an online or face-to-face appointment.