Contact Dr. Alexandre Charão: +55 21 99474-9160 (WhatsApp) or

Rio de Janeiro – Brazil

Clinic Structure

Both Dr. Alexandre Charão‘s clinics, including his Laranjeiras office and partner surgical facility, One Day Clinic, are clean, modern, and well-appointed. He takes the safety, privacy, and well-being of his patients very seriously. His supporting staff is accommodating, friendly, and highly-trained. They will do whatever it takes to understand your concerns and make sure you are taken care of properly.

About One Day Clinic Structure

The distance between the Laranjeiras clinic and One Day Clinic is about a 20-minute drive. Dr. Charão’s team usually arranges transportation on behalf of his patients. However, you have complete freedom with how you would like to get there – including scheduling an Uber. This might be easier, depending on where you are staying.

Upon arrival at the One Day Clinic, patients are greeted by a friendly receptionist and quickly shown to their private room. The experience feels more like visiting a spa or hotel than going to a hospital. Each room comes with full-service cable TV, which includes English channels.

Each room is assigned a nurse who regularly monitors recovery. If there is ever a concern, the nurse and medical team are easy to reach. Dr. Charão and his team are invested in the success of his patients. He wants the healing process to go as smooth as possible.

After the operation, if any issues arise, Dr. Charão is generally accessible at his centrally-located Laranjeiras clinic or by WhatsApp.

Whether you choose to stay in Laranjeiras, Copacabana, or Botafogo, Dr. Charão is just a short taxi trip away. For maximum service, we recommend you book an accommodation as close to his Laranjeiras clinic (located at Street das Laranjeiras, 154) as possible.