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Minimally Invasive Lipoabdominoplasty (M.I.L.A)

Healthier habits have brought to our office patients with a problem that, until then, had no solution, which was the abdominal diastisis in thin patients with no excess skin or with little excess skin, thus justifying an abdominoplasty.

Video-Assisted or Minimally-Invasive Lipoabdominoplasty (M.I.L.A.) is recommended for patients that have bulging fat and skin below the belly.

Minimally-invasive abdominoplasty may reach outcomes similar to those in traditional abdominoplasty, but the latter is more extensive. It is most commonly recommended for patients with less pronounced abdominal fat. Many patients choose a minimally-invasive abdominoplasty (M.I.L.A.) to treat skin flaccidity or a protruding belly after repeated weight gain/loss.

Is it worthwhile having an abdominoplasty nowadays?

Many patients come to us to improve their abdomens, but are afraid of the size of the scar, which is actually quite big in traditional abdominoplasty.

The wish of having a pretty, well-defined abdomen, without excess skin and WITHOUT a scar is not new by any means, but Medicine still didn’t have a solution for this. Not until now. The Plastic Surgery Reference Center directed by Dr. Alexandre, proudly introduces the scarless solution for flaccid abdomens or with excess skin. There are three phases, all performed on the same day with the hospital discharge on the following day:

  1. Ultrasonic liposuction to melt the fat and traction the skin
  2. Use of he endoscopy to see and correct the bulging of the muscle
  3. Fat grafting inside the muscles to better define them (optional)
  4. The use of modern plasma-blast technology to retract the skin (Renuvion or Argoplasma)

Only after all phases mentioned above will we be able to avoid the complete abdominoplasty in many of our patients. Traditional abdominoplasty with lipo on the sides of the breasts and flanks still has its indications, especially in great weight loss and large skin excess, like in post bariatric surgery (stomach reduction), for example.

How can we solve the problem without incisions?

The M.I.L.A technique uses 3 very small incisions one to insert the video camera and two to insert very thin forceps and needle holders. The entire space below the fat and above the spread muscles is separated and observed using a big screen; that is, even the smallest defects or when spreading the muscle 2 to 3 cm will appear as measuring 10 cm on the monitor screen.

With that we will have total control of the problem without causing any cut on the skin. A special forceps is capable of carrying a barbed suture, which is passed from the sternum to the pubis, closing the diastisis (muscle separation). It is not necessary to touch the navel.

Check out if you identify with this story

Recently, I was approached by a mother that wanted to recover her body from before the pregnancy. Maria Paula expressed her frustrations, specifically because her abdomen didn’t respond to a healthy diet and exercises like the rest of her body.

Thus, Maria Paula suffered with low self-esteem and finally decided in favor of a minimally-invasive alternative rather than abdominoplasty

M.I.L.A. is an excellent choice for mothers who are frustrated with excess skin and fat that do not respond to diet and exercises,” says Dr. Alex, a Brazilian Plastic Surgeon based in Rio de Janeiro. “With this less invasive technique, I am able to reduce this unwanted bulge without any incisions, and by combining this body-contour procedure with the VASER® liposuction, I cut back on downtime while delivering enhanced fat reduction.” Fat grafts to the abdominal wall muscles are optional and will be discussed during the consultation.

All patients with sagging skin will receive J-Plasma for at least 30 minutes to shrink the skin. In my opinion, comparing several J-Plasma devices, Argoplasma (inserir Hyperlink, Rodrigo) is superior to Renuvion.

MILA is extremely popular as a part of a REAL Mommy Makeover, a customized body-contouring program that can restore your pre-baby body and confidence, all with just one recovery. And if the buttocks are also your concern, don’t hesitate to book an online consultation to talk about:

  1. Brazilian Butt Lift to enhance the volume of the buttocks
  2. J-Plasma to tighten and improve skin laxity on this part of the body
  3. Ultrasonic Lipo to decrease cellulite, on the buttocks and thighs

In a Nutshell – Minimally Invasive Lipoabdominoplasty M.I.L.A

This is but one more great tool for a public that presents a growing demand for little-invasive solutions with smaller and smaller scars.

This product may be offered in association with definition liposuction and technologies to reduce flaccidity, thus taking a step into the future. We are proud and happy to bring our patients these incision-free solutions.

How to have M.I.L.A plastic surgery done In Brazil?

Brazilian Plastic Surgery is very well-known around the globe. This started to happen with Dr. Ivo Pitanguy’s work, which raised the bar for modern plastic surgery worldwide. At Dr. Alexandre Charão’s clinic, we have developed several protocols to improve our post-op outcomes and comfort.

We were able to summarize years of experience in this site text. Our patients come from many different countries around the world and all of them have reported the following advantages of undergoing the procedure in Brazil:

  1. high technical capacity
  2. lower cost
  3. friendlier experience in comparison to other countries
  4. complete team to facilitate a quick recovery
  5. safety in all steps

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