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The American Society of Plastic Surgery reports that the number of cosmetic procedures sought by men has risen by 325% since 1997 (Fox News). In a recent survey conducted by the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, “44 percent of the men said they would have a treatment done to feel better about themselves (PR Newswire).” Most men are seeking facial procedures like eyelid surgery, Botox, fillers, and chin and neck surgery. These, in addition to male breast reduction, Brazilian butt lifts, and many others are all offered by Dr. Alexandre Charão at his Rio de Janeiro clinic.

Most men are seeking plastic surgery to remain competitive in the workplace and maintain a youthful glow. “I see it all the time. If you are part of start-up or venture capital environment, and you are running around with people who are 25, you don’t want to look like you’ve aged out of that environment…(CNBC).” However, some are not willing to share their decision with others. “Now that his clothes fit better and others compliment him, he feels more confident. And his kids? “I don’t think they’d be willing to tell their friends, but I think they’re happy that I’m happy… (Fox News).”

Traveling to Brazil solves this problem. Not only will you save 50-70% on most procedures, but Brazil also serves as a place to retreat from your day to day life. After recovering from your procedure, you can return with a new sense of confidence. It will look as if you had an incredibly relaxing time in Brazil and were naturally restored. You can feel assured that you are in good hands with Dr. Alexandre Charão. With over 20 years of experience, which includes medical training and experience in over 15 countries, Dr. Alexandre Charão is accredited by the Brazilian Society of Plastic Surgery. He is ready to help you achieve your goals. Schedule your initial consultation today!