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Liposuction Surgery

At our plastic-surgery clinic we receive 3 very different Liposuction candidate profiles. Some want more sensual curves, others seek a reduction in voluptuousness, others want to appear more feminine and sportive.

In all these cases, we notice an undermined-self-esteem problem, sowe always work to address this issue and help through a customized treatment.

Remember: Plastic Surgery is not an end, but a means to achieve what you want!

We suggest you read and discover what profile you most identify with. Your needs will help pick the type of liposuction surgery to be offered in your appointment.

Objective: Weight loss

The first family of candidates for Liposuction is the most common at our office: patients that already have been mothers, or not, and whose extra kilos have gradually built up changing the shape of the body.

It is very common for fat to build up in the back, flanks and abdomen, and sometimesin the legs and arms. It is also common for patients to want fat grafting in the gluteito correct the loss of volume that took place as the years went by.

Objective: Localized-Fat Reduction

The second family of Lipo patients are thin, usually without children, who suffered a build-up of fat in the abdomen. In general, they ask for a procedure more restricted to the abdomen, with very little definition, and may opt for small gluteus grafts, since these are people with a slimmer biotype and small or medium-sized glutei.

The shape of the graft changes for them;they are longer to have glutei in the shape of a heart.

Objective: Body Definition

The third family of patients is composed of people that work out a lot, usually youngsters that haven’t had kids (and don’t intend to) with little body fat. They want a lot of body definition, an hourglass shapeand the maximum removal of fat as possible.

Gluteus graftsvary from medium to large, according to the level of fat absorption that took place working outor with the use of hormones. It is common for them to ask for a graft on the side of the hips to correct a local depression, frequent in this location.

Important information

  1. We no longer use traditional Liposuction, there is more modern equipment to break down the fat
  2. Besides removing fat, we grant more firmness to the skin using specific equipment and protocols
  3. Our patients do not experience post-op pain

Technologies used in Liposuction

We always use some technology during Liposuction surgery. In other words, we don’t do the old liposuction technique using only cannulas anymore. It is common for us to indicate vibroliposuction, ultrasonic lipo and LASER lipo, each one with its specific indication, such asskin retraction, secondary or tertiary lipo,the use of fat to augment another area, achieve muscle definition, etc.

Did you know that the best liposuction outcomes are obtainedin patients with a BMI (body-mass index) of up to 28%?

What if my BMI is over 28%, will I be able to operate soon?

In high-BMI cases, don’t worry!

We focus solely on helping you with your transformation. If you’re overweight, we’ll have an appointment and order the pre-op exams just the same.

The difference is that we will forward you to our nutritional guidance program focused on fat loss, muscle mass gain and skin firmness. It will probably take 3 to 5 monthsto reach a good BMI, but don’t you worry, the outcomes will be much better after going through our program.

High-Definition Liposuction (HDL)

High-definition liposuction is indicated for those patientsthat, despite the heavy work outs and being in the ideal weight, face difficulties defining their musculature. The focus for HD liposuctionin the abdomenis to enhance the shape of the muscles.

Abdominal HD Liposuctionis a refined liposuction technique that besides removing  excess localized fat,it also enhances the abdominal muscles and the lines between them. It is common for us to talk aboutmodeling the abs, if that is what you want.

High-definition liposuction is characterized by the combination of hydroliposuctionand superficial liposuction, which means that the surgeon strategically aspirates a certain amount of body fat, enhancing the natural contours, to show not only the body contour but the muscle groups as well, in men and women.

With the abdominal HD lipo techniquethe surgeon develops a body definition that will enhance the musculature, seeking a more harmonious and natural effect. Besides the abdomen, HDL is ideal to enhance the back, chest, arm, thigh and gluteusmuscles.

Medium or Low-Definition Liposuction (anatomical)

This is a solution we found for many people that workout a little, want to be thinnerand a little more well-defined, but are afraid of artificial or excessively-masculine outcomeswith too much definition.

We mixed the concepts described aboveand reduced a lot the degree of muscle definition, that is, we reinforce only 3 discrete vertical abdominal lines: the median line above the naval and the two semilunar lines (also linea seminulares or Spegelian line) that run about 6 cm to the side of the naval. These low-definition concepts are also used in our abdominoplasty.

We can also incorporate this low-definition concept in the arms, back and even the thighs.In other words, we can perform a liposuction using some technologyto destroy the fat. Then,we can delicately and discretely sculpt a few lines that willmake you slimmer. Finally, we will use some other technology,such as Renuvion (Plasma blast with radiofrequency) or ONE STEP Laser, to firm your skin.

High-Definition Liposuction with fat graftinginside the muscle.

The best-known fat graft is in the gluteal region, to increase the buttocks. Few people know this, but it’s possible to inject the fatinside the muscle so it looks stronger. If you work out a lotand are seeking to not only eliminatecertain points of fat but to hypertrophy certain muscle groups as well, keep an eye out because Medicine is always evolving.

This may be a great strategy for you!

Nowadayswe can inject fatinto the following muscles:

  1. Trapezius
  2. Deltoid
  3. Biceps
  4. Triceps
  5. Pectoral
  6. Abdominal rectus
  7. External oblique
  8. Vastus medialis
  9. Vastus lateralis.

We always use the ultrasound device to guide our grafting. We have noticed a great evolutionat every medical congressand new benefits should appear in coming years.

Post-Op: You will be discharged from the hospitalthe day following the surgery.

We always send a nurse and a physical therapist to the hospital to tend to youon the day following the procedure, before being discharged.

Physical therapy focuses on a quick recovery, relief of the symptoms, avoidance of edemas and ecchymoses and good healing. The session with this professional in the hospital lasts up to 90 minutes.

Our nurse will advise youabout the best recovery. With your comfort in mind, we will give you important instructionsfor when you are home, such aswalking slouched, not touching the dressings (they don’t have to be changed), using a compression garmentand when to come back for a new appointment.

In general, our patients do not experience pain.

Pos-op cares:

The use of Tapping, Ozonetherapy, compression beltsandsplints to better mark the curves and achieve well-defined lineswill be explained during an appointment with Dr. Alexandre. We like giving our patients twobooklets,pre and post-op.This way you will already knowwhat to expectand what you have to do to reach your (our) objectives.

Liposuction results should not be considered definitivebefore 6 months after the surgery. Lymphatic drainage, performed by a qualified and experienced professional, is essentialfor the disappearance of the edemaand to avoid fibrosis formation.

Prices and values for abdominoplasty surgery in Rio de Janeiro – Brazil.

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