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Surgical glue can ensure a better postoperative healing process. Since the skin is not punctured, a tighter seal is created. There are many brands of surgical glue available, however, Dr. Alexandre Charão recommends Liquiband, and Dermabond Prineo. Liquiband and Dermabond Prineo both come in liquid form. However, Dermabond Prineo is sealed by an adhesive tape to strengthen the bond. Not only do these solutions minimize scar lines, but they are also more effective in keeping bacteria out of the wound.

“Consisting of a special adhesive and matching sticky top bandage, the Dermabond system was found to be superior to traditional skin staples…Dermabond was associated with shorter hospital stays and less frequent return visits for complications (Patient Daily).”

“Most medical glue is applied on the skin to heal wounds, such as deep cuts, but applying the sticky stuff internally during operations is seen as the next big thing in surgery (The Telegraph).”

“Two economic analyses demonstrated the DERMABOND® PRINEO® Skin Closure system…The first study found the system was associated with improved outcomes for patients receiving total knee arthroplasty when compared to skin staples…It was associated with a significant reduction in readmission rates at 30, 60 and 90 days, a reduction in length of hospital stay and a lower probability of being discharged to a skilled nursing facility, the analysts found (McKnights).”

Although these solutions may seem superior to traditional stitches, Dr. Alexandre Charão does not always recommend surgical glue. If the wound is too deep, stitches with the help of surgical glue may be required. Whenever possible, Dr. Alexandre Charão uses dissolvable stitches. These options will be discussed during your initial consultation. After surgery, he will make sure to give you proper guidance and information to effectively heal with either stitches or surgical glue. If postoperative care instructions are carefully followed, it is possible to minimize any scar line.