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Determining Cost

Generation Of Results, Surgery Values And How To Potentiate Your Outcomes

Or Patient Preparation To Improve Body And Facial Aesthetics

Generation Of Results, Surgery Values And How To Potentiate Your Outcomes

Or Patient Preparation To Improve Body And Facial Aesthetics

Let´s talk about something important?

Plastic surgery costs, outcomes achieved and how to increase the potential long-term outcomes?

The question about the cost (price) of a plastic surgery is very common but only after your appointment with Dr. Alexandre will you receive a detailed Cost Estimate for YOUR specific case.

Let´s take advantage of the fact that this question is very frequent and explain WHY every surgeon works in a certain manner and why the prices vary so much. I´ll give you a hint: price is a number, value is subjective, it´s what the person RECEIVES in exchange for the money invested.

The first step is to understand that Plastic Surgery is inserted in the luxury market, that is, few people have access because it´s so expensive.

This happens because of the following:

  1. The person is not sick and really doesn´t have to undergo surgery
  2. There is a team behind the surgeon that can vary from 3 to 6 people
  3. There are hospitals with different levels of safety and comfort
  4. The quality and warranty of the surgical material, such as highly biocompatible implants, special sutures, and dressings that don´t have to be changed
  5. To achieve the best outcome possible, the patient must be seen and cared for BEFORE the doctor performs the surgery and the appointment with the Nutritionist
  6. After the surgery, it´s necessary to have frequent and quick support to the patients´ questions and follow up by the doctor and the Physiotherapist

To wrap up this introduction, the patient is not acquiring a Mastopexy product or a Liposuction product (flee from clinics that have standing price lists), but a SERVICE PROVISION.

Here are some tips of what you should assess when visiting any plastic-surgery clinic:

  1. how you are treated in your first appointment with the doctor
  2. the outcomes showed in this appointment, the differentiated techniques that will render a better outcome
  3. the cares you will receive for a fast-track, painless post-op without changing the dressing
  4. how easy it is to have your questions answered quickly
  5. for how long and with whom you will have post-op access and support

The Car Example (Wrong)

Some clinics like to compare their services with some car model. They mention they aren´t going to offer a compact car but a luxury one. A patient could wonder: but I am looking for a cheap car without superfluous items. Once again, when you seek Plastic Surgery you are NOT buying a product.

We know that an expensive or cheap car will take you from Point A to point B. But what if the car breaks down? What happens then? What if you have post-sale questions? What if your contacts at the dealership are done with grumpy people that don´t give you straight answers, if they answer at all? What if the car presents noises or other problems, rendering your trip uncomfortable?

Remember, you can´t just go back to the dealership to return the product and say you regretted your choice. In plastic surgery, there is no going back; you are responsible for your choices.

Surgery Is For The Rest Of Your Life (And A Car Just Lasts For A Few Years)

Having said this, we DO NOT like to compare a car to plastic surgery: the first is an object and we don´t treat our patients as objects. Remember, plastic surgery is for your whole life, and in the post-op you must be sure you will be able to speak with the team at any time and that the best and most modern techniques and equipment are being employed.

Now that you understand the differences better, let us keep developing the matter regarding VALUE (and not price)?

Nutritional Follow Up

All our patients, that either had facial or body surgery, go through the Bio-impedance Scale to know their body composition already in the first appointment. The objective is for you to know what your lean mass (muscle) is, as well as your fat distribution and how much of it is visceral.

After that, all our patients have a conversation with our Nutritionist to receive initial instructions, talk about detoxing before the treatment, collagen replacement, and how to fight against the typical liquid retention in the post-op. So, basically, how to have a better and quicker outcome.

Early Physiotherapy For All

No one has time to stay idle anymore, be it relaxing at home or due to pain, and you will have a series of limitations. Therefore, ALL our patients receive TWO physiotherapy sessions.

We already have the first session AT the hospital, and the second session one week later. The objectives are: faster recovery, no pain, swift return to physical activities, have a good healing and less swelling.

Special Materials And Techniques

Highly advanced techniques, auto-lock sutures, recycling courses for the entire team, investments in modern equipment, very safe hospitals, expensive dressings that don´t have to be changed, and surgical glue for a thinner scar. How much will this impact your outcomes and comfort after the procedure? A LOT!

We don´t measure our efforts (or money) to participate in congresses, courses, time for study and the purchase of new surgical materials. Once again, with these examples we show that you are not buying a product, but a unique experience that will change your life for good.

Nurse At Your Disposal

Our team counts on two nurses responsible for your returns to the clinic and recovery. You will be able to count on them including through the Whatsapp (messaging app) group that we create for all our patients. We use absorbable stitches in all our patients, as well as dressings that don´t have to be changed. Nonetheless, we are available Monday through Friday for those that have to come to the clinic, free of cost.


We truly hope you have understood why we don´t talk about prices before the consultation, since you would be sabotaging and depriving yourself of a unique chance to get to know what is best for you. We have a complete team to answer your questions as best as possible, but every dream has a limit. Time comes when it becomes necessary to do something to transform the dream into reality.

Final suggestion: schedule several appointments with as many physicians you want and leave Dr. Alexandre for last. This way, you will be able to sum up everything they informed you and compare their appointments to Dr. Alexandre´s appointment.

Remember: our aim is to feed you the necessary information so you can make the best decision possible. The decision will always be yours!