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Rio de Janeiro – Brazil

Dr. Mauricio de Maio’s MD Codes ™

One of Dr. Alexandre Charão’s latest procedures is Brazilian surgeon Dr. Mauricio de Maio’s MD Codes ™. This new approach to fillers targets specific areas of a patient’s face. To effectively deliver a youthful appearance with a custom-tailored solution, Dr. de Maio’s MD Codes ™ “…divides the face into numerous points of injection that affect the temples, the […]

Dr. Alexandre’s Favorite Restaurants in Rio de Janeiro

If you are planning on visiting Rio de Janeiro anytime soon, here is a list of Dr. Alexandre Charão’s favorite restaurants. His top five include Spanish tapas, an oyster bar, pizza, and Arabian, which shows some of the many diverse options offered in Rio. One even made it on Eater’s “11 Hottest New Restaurants in […]