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Rio de Janeiro – Brazil

Breast Lift Surgery (Mastopexy) Rio de Janeiro – Brazil

Are your Breasts Sagging?

What makes a breast pretty or ugly? Plastic surgery studies the correct measurements to say a determined part of the body is pretty; the so-called body proportions. Plastic surgeons also learn what is NOT pretty, to be able to propose solutions.

Below are the most commonly seen findings during the consultation with Dr. Alexandre:

  1. Excessively low navel, measuring more than 21 cm from the clavicle
  2. Areolae measuring more than 4 cm
  3. Flaccidity in the inferior pole (lower part of the breast)
  4. Lack of neck volume
  5. Breasts with excessively square bases running to the sides

Do you think you have any of these alterations? Well then, Mastopexy may be the procedure you are looking for.

Freedom & Dignity

Breast Lift Surgery (Mastopexy) Rio de Janeiro – Brazil

Our UTMOST objective is to return the dignity and sensuality our patients seek using fast-track recovery protocols and with the maximum support of the breasts.

In Whtat Position Are The Nipples?

The aim is to lift the position of the nipples to be between 16 and 21 cm from the clavicle.

In the appointment we will seize the opportunity to talk about each one of the advantages of each method and make measurements and markings on your body so you can understand how this will be achieved in the surgery.

What is most requested by our patients is mastopexy with silicone implants, but we also count on techniques to lift the breasts without the use of implants.

Iis Your Neck Strikingly Marked?

Matopexy With Implants

We use implants and fat grafts to mark the neck more and add prosthesis-stabilization techniques to keep the neck high for longer. We like using the muscular sling, since its first advantage is shaping the neck more. The second advantage is the stability of the result throughout the years, since the sling “fights” against gravity.

Mastopexy w/out implants

It´s the technique that achieves the best lightness of the breasts, since we don´t use implants in the surgery. In all cases, we can use the fat graft to pronounce the neck better. If you prefer, we can use the auto-implant, where we pull back part of the mammary gland to grant more volume to the neck.

This technique has been in high demand because some patients prefer not to use the implants. In the case of explantations (very rare), we have also used this technique of using the mammary gland and the patient´s own fat to maintain an attractive volume.

Are you Worried About The Scar?

A common question at our clinic is about the length of the scar. It is important to point out that we don´t appreciate large scars and always try using the so-called SHORT SCAR or an L-shaped Mastopexy.

We use differentiated suture techniques to increase the chances of having a very thin scar. We like using internal stitches, which do not have to be removed, we prescribe early Physiotherapy to avoid too much swelling and not widen the scar.

Then, we use the surgical tape or special, impermeable dressings that don´t have to be changed, and we will also use a silicone tape. Our healing protocol lasts 90 days.

Breast Lift Surgery (Mastopexy) Rio de Janeiro – Brazil

Short Scar Mastopexy 

This is when we remove a large part of tissue through the vertical incision, emptying well the breasts through this approach. Since most of the gland is removed through this vertical incision, we must create a much smaller horizontal incision. Additionally, the blood supply and sensitivity of the areolae tend to be greater.

In traditional mastopexy, there is an inverted-T-shaped scar. In the short-scar incision there is a mini inverted T and, in some cases, we can do the L-shape scar (see below).

L-SHAPE MASTOPEXY (w/out a scar towards the middle of the body)

This may be considered an evolution of the short-scar incision and can´t be applied on all types of breast. Whenever possible, we lift the breasts and finish with a small, short scar without being extended in the direction of the other breast. In other words, it becomes even easier to use a low neckline or small bikini. 

we operate with our team?

Another thing I am careful to do is the liposuction on the sides of the breasts, since some patients have a little fat on the side of the breast that hinder the end result. The idea is to actually sculpt the breasts to get to the shape you want.

Lastly, I use as much absorbable sutures as possible, so the patient does not feel the bother of removing the stitches. We like using surgical glue in all patients, and in the next day, we apply the physiotherapy tapping, Following the tapping, we start using the silicone tape for 2 months, to direct the healing process so it ends up very thin.


We prefer the STRUCTURED Mastopexy with implants below the muscle, muscular sling and internal bra. When we don´t use implants, we count on other techniques to better shape the neck. We don´t like old techniques that generated the early scars.

Our patients report a great self-esteem, confidence boost to expose their bodies, as well as a feeling of relief and freedom to use any clothes they want.

how to go about operating with dr. Alexandre Charão?

Brazilian Plastic Surgery is very well known worldwide. This began with the work done by Dr. Ivo Pitanguy that raised the bar for worldwide standards in modern plastic surgery.

At Dr. Alexandre Charão´s clinic, we have developed several protocols to improve our outcomes and the patients´ post-op comfort. We have been able to summarize the texts in this site due to the many years of experience. Our patients come from different countries around the world and all of them report the following advantages of having the procedure done in Brazil:

  • great technical capacity
  • lower cost
  • friendlier service in comparison to their countries
  • complete team to favor your fast-track to recovery
  • safety in all steps of the procedure

The next step for you to decide what actually bothers you and schedule an appointment with Dr. Alexandre Charão. This can be done in two ways:

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