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Rio de Janeiro – Brazil

Dr. Alexandre Charão – Plastic Surgeon, Rio de Janeiro

Dr. Alexandre Charão - Plastic Surgeon, Rio de Janeiro Dr. Alexandre Charão regularly performs breast implantliposuctiontummy tuck, and breast reduction procedures, among others, at his full-service Laranjeiras, Rio de Janeiro clinic. He also specializes in facial cosmetic surgeries like Botox and peels and studied nose job procedures at the Paulista School of Medicine in São Paulo. He has over 20 years of medical training and experience in over 15 countries.

Accolades and Philanthropic Work

In 2006, he won a GLOBO Award for his philanthropic work with Doctors Without Borders. Dr. Alexandre Charão is a member of the Brazilian Society of Plastic Surgery and regularly participates in industry conferences and events. In 2008, he served in the Brazilian Air Force as a military physician and was head of the Plastic Surgery Clinic of the Air Force Central Hospital in 2010. To quickly help patients better understand common procedures, Dr. Charão developed a Guide to Plastic Surgery. For further questions, Dr. Charão is reachable via phone/WhatsApp (+55 21 2137 5444 or +55 21 99474-9160) and e-mail (

Education and Training

  • Federal University of Paraná
  • Paulista School of Medicine (UNIFESP)
  • Hospital Pérola Byington São Paulo (Breast Reconstruction)
  • Brazilian Air Force (Military Doctor)
  • Residency in General Surgery, recognized by the MEC and the Brazilian College of Surgeons
  • Residency in Plastic Surgery, recognized by the MEC and the Brazilian Society of Plastic Surgery

Accreditations and Memberships

  • Hospital Copa D’Or
  • French NGO Médecins Sans Frontières (Doctors Without Borders)
  • Brazilian Society of Plastic Surgery

Dr. Alexandre Charão’s Office in Rio de Janeiro

Opened in 2011, Dr. Alexandre Charão’s attention to detail comes to life at his Laranjeiras, Rio de Janeiro clinic. This facility handles pre / postoperative care and minor procedures like Botox. At this location, he employs a staff of beauticians, physiotherapists, and nutritionists.

Hours of Operation

Dr. Alexandre Charão is regularly available to speak and meet with patients from 9h-20h (9AM-8PM) on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and some Saturdays. To contact his office, call +55 21 2137-5444. Surgeries occur on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday mornings.

Initial Consultation

During the initial consultation, Dr. Charão answers any questions a patient may have regarding their desired procedure and goals. This hour-long discussion is an invaluable resource that helps patients get to know who they are working with and what can be expected. To calculate projected costs, skin quality, fat percentage, muscle mass and strength, and extent of work needed are examined and determined. If necessary, preoperative examinations will be requested.

Payment Options – Plastic Surgeon, Rio de Janeiro

The overall cost can be broken down into eight installments. Both MasterCard and VISA are accepted.

Other Preoperative Consultations

Once the procedure is confirmed, additional appointments may be required. Patients generally need to meet with Dr. Charão to provide postoperative tests, photographs, sign consent forms, understand postoperative instructions (fasting, date of surgery, hospital address, care), and clarify any additional questions that arise after the initial consultation. Patients are also given a timeline outlining when everyday activities like returning to work, going to the beach, and engaging in physical fitness are possible.

Postoperative Consultations

For a full recovery, patients are welcome to make as many postoperative appointments as needed. The first postoperative consultation usually happens four days after surgery. Dr. Charão checks the healing progress and changes bandages during this appointment. If necessary, lymphatic drainage is addressed during this visit. Depending on the surgery, Dr. Charão may recommend up to ten follow-up appointments. Stitches are usually removed within 5 and 15 days after surgery. Absorbable stitches will dissolve naturally.